We’re a team of consultants and serial entrepreneurs that simply get a kick out of seeing others succeed. Our talents range from the highly technical to the extremely creative. We work with companies and individuals that are tired of low closing rates; are having a hard time getting staff to up-sell; and who simply want to see a greater degree of success.


So, what exactly is it that we can do? We can help you . . .


– Close more deals and decrease the sales cycle with sales training and consulting.


– Actually make money with group coupons through specialized Group Coupon Strategies


– Get more out of your sales, marketing, and productivity software with software consulting (IE: Salesforce, Etc)


– Get more out of your day-to-day operations with process improvement consulting


If you’re experiencing any issues – or would like to improve in areas – that involve sales, marketing, social media development, or general business practices we may be able to help. We’re not a fit for everyone. However, we’d love to have a conversation to discover together if there is an area that we can help.


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