“Tony helped streamline certain client management systems for The Lending Team. He did a great job and was very helpful in taking the time to understand our needs and finding a solution.”

– Casey Lown, Certified Mortgage Planner /

Reverse Mortgage Specialist, The Lending Team




“Patty is an extremely electrifying, dynamic, bright professional that can take control of a system and put it back into alignment. She is a strong systems thinker, but at the same time has compassion for the needs and desires of individuals that she leads and serves. Every project that Patty tackles she ignites new energy, new spark, and new belief that things can be significantly changed and improved. I have seen her take organizations and lead them into owning their GREATNESS! When you want strong systems, hire Patty!”

-Jean Meeks, PhD, Positive Eye Consulting




“Tony has an insatiable drive toward understanding systems and associated technologies. His abilities in regards to problem solving are extraordinary, and I admire the level of patience and focus he brings to intensely difficult technical situations should they arise, always seeing them through to a positive conclusion. His work ethic and consistent ability to deliver is absolutely unmatched. I would highly recommend Tony for any project.”

– James Keil




“Patty has no fear and meets all challenges head-on. She is skilled at detailed research and business development. She also has an excellent attitude and track record in taking her clients business to a higher level of production and profitability.”

– Chance Mills , Owner , Commercial Property Consultants




“Tony & Dart Marketing is one of the most helpful, professional, and accommodating businesses I’ve worked with. I have been using them at both my businesses for years. Any time I have questions or need to change my order or program, Tony and his staff say “no problem”.

– Cynthia Kallunki




“While working with Patty I found her communication ability to be far beyond my expectations. At times I found it hard to put on paper exactly what I would want to have created. Sketching a very basic outline of my desires and giving it to Patty always resulted in getting exactly what I had in my mind but could not produce. Patty has an amazing ability to take what you are thinking and turn it into what you want. She also has the ability to create a program, campaign, or one time event working backward from a stated goal. I would endorse Patty’ talent and recommend her without a moment of hesitation.”

– Tara Nagelhout, Emerald Valley Real Estate




“Tony is among a rare group of IT professionals. While he has an extremely intelligent mind and is super competent what impressed me most about Tony is his caring heart and compassionate attitude towards his work and society in general. He will be an asset to any one that wants to work with him – Guaranteed!”

– Kind regards Azim Khamisa




“I have had the immense pleasure of working with Patty Rappa over the last year. Patty is a true visionary who has greatly impressed me with her amazing consulting abilities. Her own personal and professional development have also been a true inspiration to me and so many others. She is a hard-working, classy woman who is truly making a difference!”

– Jodi Unruh , Principle , Jodi Unruh & Associates




“There are few technical people who also understand the realm of business from managment and philosophical vantage points. Tony Rappa is one of those few. Working with Tony is a pleasure. He is exacting in his work and direct in his communication. I can honestly say that my company is better directly due to his labors on our behalf.”

– Dennis Eberhardt, MBA, President, Train All Day – an eLearning Company




“Tony is multi-talented and a real professional. It is a pleasure to work with Tony, and his dedication to excellence is central to his character. Tony gives his all to every project and shows a tireless dedication to serving the customer.”

– David Pierpoint, CEO, Columbia Coaching Inc.




“Patty knows how to deliver to the bottom line through her experiences, vision, and progressive thinking. She has helped us to align our business strategies and systems, giving us an improved path to success. Her work ethic and attention to deadlines are extraordinary.”

-James Keil, Owner / TrainAllDay.com




“Patty is a very creative thinker with effective marketing skills and inovative ideas. Her communication skills are excellent, and is highly recommended to anyone looking for a marketing strategist who thinks out of the box, yet still covers the basics well. She knows the real estate market, and beyond. Marvin Puryear Broker of Record & President ERA Professional Real Estate Services Inc.”

-Marvin Puryear, Broker of Record & President , ERA Professional Real Estate, Inc




“Patty is driven to success, focused and has an abundance of energy! She is extremely knowledgeable in sales, marketing and business coaching. Patty has invested in my success by offering sound business advice and personal coaching. I learn something new each time we meet.”

-Molly Scurto, President , Infinity Multimedia, LLC




“ImageStream needed a better marketing and sales structure. We knew Patty from others who had worked with her in the region. But we were unprepared for the degree of positive change she has been able to implement in a very short time period. One of the best business decisions that

we have made was to engage Patty and follow her recommendations. We are excited and energized by the direction Patty has helped us acheive. There is still more work to be done and we are confident that she will be there for us in those phases.”

– Dennis Eberhardt, MBA




“Patty and I have collaborated on business ideas/strategies, referred business to each other, and she has even participated as a client in our Sandler training. Patty is about the quickest study I have ever met. If you are looking for someone to zero in on the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and show you how to leverage the talents of your employees, and make the highest and best use of your marketing dollars . . . Then call Patty. Her

laser-sharp mind will cut to the heart of problems, and provide solutions you never even considered.”

-Paula Creekmore, Co-Owner Sandler Training

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